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Florence - Slowpastry Chef

Our chef Florence Elisabeth

Florence defines herself as a Pastry Activator: she shares her passion for haute patisserie and its transformative power with people and organisations in search of authenticity and sustainability.

Florence spent 15 years working in the world of corporate finance before creating Slowpastry to bring to life her belief that culture and values ​​in action are the keys to sustainable success, be it personal or business.

Originally from Martinique, the aromas of vanilla, lime, and cinnamon in which she was raised gave her a taste for natural products and the desire for authentic flavors that would stay with her forever.

It was the foundation of her patisserie identity, which she later honed by training at the prestigious École Ferrandi and with other great chefs in France and Spain.

Slowpastry community

Slowpastry is at the nexus of several communities united by values of sustainability and an entrepreneurial spirit. That ecosystem includes local producers, responsible courier companies, associations promoting inclusion, etc.
Collaborating with Slowpastry is an active way of partnering with, and supporting, that community of values, and of getting the people in your organisation to put those values into practice.


Slowpastry awarded the “12th Sustainable Start-up 2020” label

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